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Friday, August 21, 2009

songs n dances make life worthwhile

so much going on now... definitely teaching my first beginning bellydance workshop... Sept 12! Now this weekend it's time to plan and choreograph!

I plan on dancing as much as possible at Studio 21... got my unlimited pass for the month. Tomorrow - ZUMBA! Thursday and Monday nights - hip hop. Makes me happy.

Also really going to try to get together with Adam and Jon to record some harmony vocals on the music they've been working on. Hopefully will see them Sunday.

I'm going to see Michael Franti and Brandi Carlile next month - can't wait.

one of my favorite singers, Imogen Heap has a new album releasing in a few days, but she was nice enough to let us listen to it early:


  1. I found you on Twitter. Happy to follow along.

  2. Hey great to e-meet you. What's your twitter username? I tried to find you in my followers but that led to an extensive clean out blocking spammers :)