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Monday, February 23, 2009

Denver belly dance group

The trend I'm seeing is a lot of movement toward Facebook. So I'm going to focus my networking there, but keep myspace for the people that haven't transitioned yet.

I'm looking for any and all belly dancers to join a group I started on Facebook:

Please invite any dancers in the Denver area you know to join.

It would be great to have a central repository of Denver dancers to draw from and we could really unify the community. Currently the Bellydance Superstars skip right over our state, so I think we should show them how much dance enthusiasm Colorado has... even though we love our current teachers, we can always benefit from the excitement of new perspectives and techniques. I for one really miss attending workshops by traveling, professional dancers and want to take with as many of them as possible. So if we had a more centralized way of networking, we could appeal to more dancers to come here to teach.

Friday, February 20, 2009

this blog's layout

you might notice at the bottom of the page a link to the creators of this layout.
why, you may ask, do you use someone else's code when you write code for a living?

because I learn more by modifying the other brilliant work already out there :) I modify the HTML and CSS until I'm happy with it (which is never, so it's an on-going process).

but the original author of the code deserves their kudos! pretty eh?

I made the Tweet ul list myself... oops that's geek speak for my other blog not this one.

geek ramble over.

this is getting a little ridiculous

because I have a myspace blog, I frequently write notes on Facebook, I keep a technology blog (, I have a Twitter page.... can I really keep track of all this stuff?

I realized though, it's possible for me to rant selectively here since no one really knows about it. I can share it with who I like and maybe have some more emotional freedom.

Chances are I will forget about this blog... but we shall see.

For right now I'm enjoying comparing the differences of blogger and wordpress, playing with layouts and just generally letting my time slip into that suckage void once again with yet another online diversion...