Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wonder Woman make-up line from MAC

< girlygeeksquee >

It's pretty unlikely I'll buy this (you know, tight budget and all that) but I just had to give props to MAC for releasing this new Wonder Woman line of make-up. It would be awesome to see their NYC store as it's currently transformed to look like a Wonder Woman comic.

I'm not a girly girl and am severely fashion impaired but I do wear lots of make-up for bellydance... I'll bet amazon-powered lips and lashes and would be especially exiting for Hips of Fury ;-) The glitter alone could be useful in deflecting unwanted evil...

The mascara pitch has lured in this naive WW fan to believing in amazon lashes: "A superhero mascara! Lashes go dense and dramatic with an anti-gravity high volume curled effect. Longwear, fighting-fit formula offers up to 15 hours of wimp-free wear."

And whoa shiny, they have WW accessories to store all your amazon secret weapons. The bags are said to be bullet-proof. I'd like to see them test that theory.

OK thanks. That was fun.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

love is all you need

Love interprets itself to everyone who knows love, comes to everyone who senses love, impersonates itself in forms which are human, in experiences which are divine. As we experience this indwelling divinity, it becomes real. It is not an illusion; it is the great motivating power of the universe. We touch it, revealed through this man, that woman, this child, and because they reflect our love to us, we “fall in love” with that person. This is God expressing through us.

Dr. Ernest Holmes

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

dumb jokes that are funny via the @oatmeal

sometimes I like to discuss scientific articles...
sometimes I code and program so much I just want to read dumb jokes...

ta da! The Oatmeal is a regular source of mirth & hilarity from the blogs and comics alone but sometimes I just want to get back to my really juvenile roots:


Why did the rapper carry an umbrella?
Fo' drizzle!