Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Love the ones you're with

It's so easy to get caught up in our every day lives... things that seem important but when compared to the people we love and dramatic world tragedies - just seem ridiculously unnecessary.

With Memorial Day just passed - I am also reminded of recent tragedies.

There was a very dear friend my age who I never expected to die so young who passed May 4th.  Even though he had health problems and quite often was in and out of the hospital... it's still hard to believe.  I'm grateful he's at peace and will no longer suffer... But I am trying to let go of the regret I have from not spending time with him the last couple times I had a chance.

Another family friend very suddenly died leaving a devastated family.  A truly tragic accident that no one ever could expect... it's a reminder of just how fragile our bodies can be and how we never really know how long we have on this earth.

Of course we are always reminded when there is a massive tragedy such as in Oklahoma, Boston, 911, school shootings... the world is precarious.  We all know we are going to die - we just don't know when.

I write this not to be morbid - but to remind us (of course myself included), not to get caught up in the superficial things we love and let them take precedence over treasured family and friends.  It is so easy to do... assuming we will always have a chance to see them when we have time.

I don't want to regret missing those important moments.  I don't want to miss the chance anymore to put the people I love as top priority.  It can be so easy to lose sight of that - I have so often done this in the past.

To any family or friends who read this - I love you.  If I lose sight of the priorities, PLEASE give me a swift kick in the bum and remind me of this blog post.

This also goes out to anyone suffering a recent loss or on-going tragic situation.  You are loved and please reach out when you need to.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Letting go and releasing

This is a good time for the release and letting go of unwanted emotions; worry, angst, self-consciousness and anything else that holds one back.  I don't know about you, but I want to be my genuine self, working daily to transcend darkness and find the path that's rewarding and purposeful.

Here is my list of the numerous worries I want released and to be free from.  They are all immensely difficult and thus why I am writing this, so I will reference and remember the things I feel hold me back in life.  I am not lecturing you... I am basically talking to myself.  :-) 

1.  Stop worrying about money.  Despite unemployment and all the hard times, you have always gotten by and been completely blessed by supportive family and unexpected financial blessings from others as well.  You will never starve or be out on the streets.  (Grateful)

2.  Let go of the bitterness, anger, frustration and shame of losing jobs.  You know that you are a hard worker, capable of doing anything you set your mind to and can be an asset and friendly, productive team member.  (And gosh darn it, people like me!  Holla if you remember that reference!)  Any ending can be a new beginning to something better.  Embrace the possibility of an amazing and unexpected new opportunity.

3.  Don't care what people think.  You know your daily battle - internal and external.  You know you wake up every day counting your blessings, doing the very best that you can.  You know your strengths and weaknesses and that you're strong even though you may appear weak to others.  We often put others down to feel better about ourselves and you never want to do that.  You can't control what anyone thinks.  They may judge you and they may never forgive you for past actions.  That is hurt they are holding onto and you are not responsible for that.  We all make mistakes... granted you have made many that lasted far too long... but you have also changed - and should be proud of yourself for that.  People either forgive you or they don't.  They either like you or they won't.  It's out of your control.  Just work every minute of every day to love, forgive and be kind... because we are all facing one battle or another - and no one is perfect.

4.  Stop expecting people to act a certain way.  Just as you can't control what people think, you also can't control what they do or say.  No matter what kind of responses (or lack of) you get, they may not have anything to do with you.  Reactions from others could be a reflection of their own bad day, their own struggles or insecurities.  Be confident knowing you're loved and always be more concerned about giving than receiving of love.

5.  Release lingering bitterness about failed relationships; business, friends and romantic.  You've learned from each and for some reason always have to learn the hard way.  Terrible heart break, betrayal, confusion, frustration, anger... those relationships are over.  Learn to trust again, just be wiser, stronger and more self-aware every day. 

6.  Stop punishing yourself for things you have worked hard to correct.  If you dwell on everything you've done wrong you will never climb out of the shame.  Give yourself credit for the ways you've changed and what you've survived (even if it doesn't seem like much to the outside world... you know).  Possibly these difficulties are teaching you to be more resilient and hopefully won't fall apart at any little thing that goes wrong.  Be proud of yourself for not giving up. 

7.  No more apologizing.  What's past is past.  The people who give up on you are just another example of things you cannot control.

8.  You are not psychic, so stop assuming you know what others are thinking.  These are your insecurities and these assumptions may or may not be correct - but you have no way of knowing.

9.  Let go of the need to be perfect.  That is an unattainable illusion.  Embrace all of yourself and let go of the fear of others seeing your flaws.  We all have flaws.  Some people deny them or are very good at hiding them... You thought you were good at hiding yours but everyone saw right through that.

10.  Don't beat yourself up if you don't remember all this crap.  These are lifelong ambitions and goals.  Things you know but keep forgetting.  Breathe, smile, love, forgive... and re-read this often.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Words of wisdom from @RevCynthia

I want you to know that wherever you are today, a bigger life awaits you.

Here are the things I learned that may support you in "defying gravity":

1. Always dream bigger than you think you can achieve at this moment
2. See the vision of your bigger life in your mind and embrace the possibility of it happening
3. Research and study so that you gain skills in the area of your dreams
4. Ask the universe to support you beyond your wildest imaginings
5. Say "yes" when opportunities arise. You may not be great at something but the universe will give you chances to learn and grow
6. Model people who do what you want to do
7. Expect Miracles and when they come celebrate

Please affirm with me:
Today, I boldly step into the amazing adventure of my life. I defy the odds of limitation and create a life of endless and enduring possibilities.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dance movies

Let's face it, most movies about dancing pretty much stink. The plot is predictable, the dialogue is cheesy... 
We all know the plot. There's the misunderstood person whose passion is to dance and they struggle, struggle, till finally there's an ending breakthrough dance & they hear from a parent or authority figure, "oh I was so wrong! I see now dancing is who you are and what you have to do!" Or the protagonist has poverty or some kind of tragedy to overcome, couldn't dance & then re-discoveres it.  Get a new plot already.

Yet true dance fans endure that for those few moments of dance number bliss. I wish dance movies could be told entirely through dance, like ballets are in the theatre.

Since I enjoy all types of dancing, I used to own You Got Served & would just fast forward through the talking parts... Until I realized I was mostly just fast forwarding.

I used to be a big fan of Dirty Dancing... Until I really got into other genres of dancing & new movies emerged that fused different styles together. Suddenly Jennifer Grey's big lift at the end of the movie didn't seem like that big a deal.

I think most ladies will agree, Channing Tatum dancing is divine. But I also think this is a great dance number & sweet that he met his wife in the first Step Up movie:

Step Up 2 was pretty good... Again with the predictable plot and most definitely dialogue so cheesy you need crackers.  But there are some new faces & an enjoyable last dance number:

Step Up 3... So bad I'm not even going to share a link. I was excited when I saw the preview to see Joshua from So You Think You Can Dance was in it (most. ridiculous. scene. ever) and Twitch, who was kind of the best part of that film.

Now Step Up Revolution I thought was great; Start off with dance, put in a ton of styles, very little dialogue... We don't need the plot explained to us, just shut up & dance. Some amazing numbers in that one:
Business dance mob protest:

Dance is truly art come alive:

Pull-out-all-the-tricks huge number:

And ending on a tender romantic note:

And those aren't even all the dance numbers in that movie. Thank you!

I guess I posted this for reference to the scenes I love without having to fast forward through the rest of the movie.

I'll still enjoy the fun older pioneers from time to time, just for the memories (Footloose, Flashdance and man is Breakin entertaining)... And I'm not really talking about the fantastic Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire kinds of classics here because those are timeless & a different style I enjoy when in a certain mood.

All forms of dance impress me... It is art and poetry moving, bursting through beautiful forms in all types of ways. The genre just refects the origin & all demand stamina, passion & spirit.

At least with ballets, you can experience the whole story through dance. I dream of a movie like that using every genre possible. What bliss that would be!

With So You Think You Can Dance season 10 about to start, it will be exciting to see what new stars emerge and how much further the boundaries can be pushed.