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Monday, June 29, 2009

10 energy saving tips that restore romance

this comes to you courtesy of :)

1. Take your showers together
2. Save water and feed each other from the same plate, use fingers instead of utensils and lick each others fingers clean…
3. Turn off the lights and enjoy romantic candle light.
4. Spend one night a week laying on a blanket under the stars
5. Save energy and create your own heat…
6. Instead of a drive, go for a walk together ~ hold hands
7. Turn off the tv/computer and read to each other instead - a novel, a mystery, or some juicy erotica…
8. Instead of driving to the gym get your workout in bed
9. Reuse Kama Sutra packaging – Many of our gift sets are pretty enough to be used more than once. Gift boxes can be used to store bathroom supplies, memorabilia (pictures, love letters, etc.) or your favorite romantic essentials.
10. Last, but not least – Please recycle Kama Sutra packaging when possible.

yes, I know this was an ad, but I thought it was very clever. :)
those are green living tips I could actually do!

Friday, June 26, 2009

the day the pop king and angel died

june 25 2009 michael jackson and farrah fawcett died.

had to abandon the interwebz when the news speculations killed twitter and random insults about mj moments after he had passed away killed my ability to deal with free speech.

but now people are more respectful and positive things are circulating.

paying homage to the pop king I'll be downloading mj albums I don't have later this evening...and have been listening to him off and on whilst coding away.

lucas of the cliks wrote a nice mj blog:

goodbye michael and I'm sorry the world was so crazy for you - who brought us so much great boogie music and inspirational dance moves. your talent and influence will obviously live on and I hope you're at peace.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a difference ADE makes!

The general consensus about last night's performance show (SYTYCD) is a bit disappointing. BUTT (:) There were a few shining moments thankfully and voting was much easier for me last night.

First off props to Toni Basil for her lifetime achievement and trail blazing in the world of hip hop, popping and locking. I remember seeing The Lockers on the very first season of SNL (I've been watching them from the beginning) and discovering that the chick that sang the Mickey song was actually very important in the world of dance.

1. Jonathan & Karla butcher a Dave Scott smooth hip hop routine. Nigel said it best, you two didn't even have your head nods together... wtf?? It was sloppy, uninteresting and totally out of sync. I adore Dave Scott and he deserved to see a better version of his dance.

2. Vitolio and Auska take on a rock jazz Mandy Moore routine.
I loved Auska's look and there were moments of excitement, but overall I didn't feel they were together enough, the leaps weren't very high and ended up being kind of underwhelmed.

3. Ade & Melissa RUMBA - thank GOD. Seriously, what a difference Ade makes (and Melissa). This is the couple to beat in my opinion... everything they've danced has been flawless, exciting, passionate and just thrilling. He looked like the reincarnation of a 70s love god and she was exquisite in that awesome dress - but beyond their look the dance was sultry and smokin!

4. Janette & Brandon - Dave Scott hip hop/ rock fusion
I enjoyed this a lot and Brandon was VERY impressive in this style of dance... he really brought a different character to the routine and occasionally I forgot who he was as he was dancing. Thankfully this couple redeemed the night for Dave after the first routine.

5. Kupono & Kayla - Viennese Waltz
I wanted Kupono to be the one to leave last week, so I went into this routine bitter. But I felt that he danced it very well, much more masculine than I expected him to be and Kayla was of course gorgeous, graceful and lovely. Yet, I still didn't vote for them b/c it wasn't that memorable of a routine for me and I figure Kayla will be OK considering how much the judges love her.

6. Evan & Randi - Mia Michaels hypnotizing butt routine :)
that's a terrible way to remember that routine (and there is a BUTT) because it was beautifully danced by these two. I LOVE that long, slow backbend they did and how committed they were to Mia's vision. FINALLY a really memorable number of the night and Randi and Evan performed more to their ability. These two were right up there with Melissa and Ade last night.

7. Caitlin & Jason - Paso Doble
I loved their costumes but that was about it. They both looked like they should have been doing a bellydance number instead of Paso Doble, which wouldn't that be awesome??? I felt like they didn't connect to each other at all during this routine and they were so focused on making it aggressive that there wasn't genuine passion behind it. I'm a little disappointed with these two because they have so much potential.

8. Janine & Phillip - Tyce Diorio Broadway
I LOVED this routine before they even started dancing - from the instant they started they were very animated, in character and energetic. I didn't agree with the judges about Phillip, I thought he really shined in this number (despite ripping his pants :) and Janine is very good at taking on roles in the dance, taking her ego out of the routine and becoming the character for the choreographer. And way to go on that couch jump wow!

So the couples I predict will be in the bottom: Jonathan & Karla, Vitolio & Auska, Caitlin & Jason and possibly Kupono and Kayla. Even though Kupono and Kayla danced the waltz well, it's not the kind of number that will get people to call in. We shall see tonight!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

live phone on web show is challenging!

so I got to finally ask my question to Lucas from The Cliks about Animal Farm but unfortunately I couldn't hear Morgan or Jen so it sounds like I totally blew them off! But I had no idea who that was in the video anyway. :P

I wanted to talk about the Perez Hilton situation too but because I was having so much trouble hearing I decided to just keep it brief. My call comes in about 15 minutes into the show.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I got my results from Mia

Group Dance: “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder

MIA - you are a GODDESS!!! This is all I really watch the results show for.

But as for the elimination results, I was sorry to see Ashley go because I really felt she was put in the bottom by Kupono, who should have left before Max. Max was doing great but I don't think he could have stayed in the competition much longer.

Ade is BLOWING me away in Mia's choreography. I agree that he could be the one to beat.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

slight let-down but still entertaining

So You Think You Can Dance performance show review from June 17, 2009 - Top 18

My most favorite routines (in order of my liking :) of course 1 & 2 I think are tied.

1. Melissa & Ade ~ Jazz by Sonya Tayeh: “24 Hours (the Ashton Shuffle A-Bomb Remix)” by Terry Poison
First off, I LOVE Sonya and so far I continually love Melissa and Ade... both are brilliantly talented dancers that completely pulled off Sonya's wild ride. I mean did you see those extreme backbends? So crazy, so unique and still so controlled with great technique. I kept exclaiming "WOW are you kidding me!?"

2. Karla & Jonathan ~ Contemporary by Stacey Tookey: “Falling Slowly” by The Frames
I was not too impressed with Jonathan and Karla last week, but this week I actually teared up during this routine. They danced it perfectly but ALSO brought personality and acting to the emotion of this dance's story. I don't really care if their personalities aren't that interesting - this show is about dance. And if you can elicit an emotional response that strong in me, you did it right! :)

3. Janette & Brandon ~ Disco by Doriana Sanchez: “Loving You is Really My Game” by Brainstorm
OK I feel people bitch a lot about there being disco on the show but MY GOD look at how hard that dance was last night!!! They mentioned it several times being the fastest disco ever done but also the lifts were immensely crazy, especially the ending pose. But they rocked it nearly flawlessly and looked like they were having fun while doing it. Nigel made a VERY GOOD point that the culmination of the plot in an ENTIRE movie about dance (Dirty Dancing) is one lift... and Brandon and Janette blew that away in just a few minutes. Which is EXACTLY why I love this show!

These routines get a MEH rating:

Randi & Evan ~ Jive by Louis Van Amstel: “Shake a Tail Feather” by Ray Charles: I expected more from Evan on this one, he might be in danger of going home...And I didn't have NEAR as much FUN as they all kept talking about.

Caitlin & Jason ~ Hip Hop by Shane Sparks: ”Missin you” by Trey Songz
It entertained me but wasn't overly memorable. Caitlin's timing was off on this one - hip hop might be her nemesis. Jason tried his best with her but I'm surprised Shane didn't catch their being so off in rehearsals. Maybe Shane has been out of touch too much working one one one with dancers?

Auska & Vitolio ~ Waltz by Louis van Amstel: “Dreams are More Precious” by Enya
Hmm pretty, graceful but I didn't have the emotional reaction Mary did. Come to think of it, I didn't have any emotional reaction. I think Auska is the only girl I'm ready to lose in the competition. Vitolio still has work to do in terms of expressing the emotional intent of the choreography.

Kayla & Max ~ Pop Jazz by Brian Friedman: ”Hot Like Wow” by Nadia Oh
First off, I LOVE Brian Friedman and think Kayla is brilliant in everything she dances. I wanted to love this one, but I was too distracted by Max not pulling off the dance in that HIDEOUS costume. My tweet from earlier today says it all: dear costume ppl for #SYTYCD: please don't dress men in S&M / Hammer-Pants outfits (Max) it's far too distracting from @brianfriedman genius

Jeanine & Phillip ~ Tango by Tony Meredith: “Violento (Up Mix)” by Bailango
This one was hard for me to watch. Jeanine is the one female dancer I haven't really connected to yet besides Auska, though I think she's very talented. I LOVE Phillip and his amazing, unique style, and I know he tried his best with the tango but it was just awkward, like watching a little kid learn to ballroom dance. I hope for his sake he can step it up because he's brilliant in the style he created.

Ashley & Kupono ~ Hip Hop by Shane Sparks: “Imma Be” by the Black Eyed Peas”
I really love Ashely but am starting to worry for her being paired with Kupono. She tried to pull this dance off, but he blew it for both of them last night.

I just ADORE Lil C and especially how poetically he can explain dance. Because let's face it, translating something as abstract as dance into language is darn near impossible. He mentioned a dance as a birth, he talked about "finding the serenity in the chaos" of hip hop. But when a routine is really good, well that's just BUCC... rendering even the most poetic judge speechless. (Which is sometimes preferable to Mary's piercing screams.. though I understand her screams are very encouraging to the dancers. I noticed Nigel has headphones to wear now when she absolutely stands up and loses her mind :)

Check this wonderful blog and this other great blog for recap videos.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

lame lyrics

"so many things i want to tell you, everything i want to share, just gets blogged or tweeted even though those folks don't care. everything that makes me laugh or break out into a smile, fills me with a need to see you even just a little while."

totally corny right? was just a random thought I had a week ago when missing my man.
I dunno my biggest flaw as a musician is my inability to connect melodies I write to genuinely good lyrics. There's definitely an art to writing for songs versus writing poetry or stories. I think it baffles me most because what I consider great lyrics are so painfully simple, yet NOT if you get my point.

I've been trying to pay attention to songs that really move me and pay close attention to the lyrics. The Cliks album Dirty King is a great example (it's not officially released yet but I bought a copy at their concert). Lucas' lyrics are powerful, yet just vague enough that they can be interpreted many ways and therefore have a greater chance of reaching more people. His song Animal Farm I'm guessing is about a certain theme related to his personal experience of being transgender but I'm still not totally certain why the song has that title... does it refer to the book by George Orwell and infer an existence in some type dystopian society founded in pain, suffering and a lack of human rights?

I enjoy songs that make me think... but the words of the lyrics themselves are simple, understated... a fine art for sure.

Friday, June 12, 2009

the first cut is the deepest

well actually not too bad... I'm referring of course to So You Think You Can Dance. I enjoyed Paris' dancing but I agree with the judges that she really didn't "bring it" as much as she could have on her solo.
As soon as Tony started dancing his solo I said, "bye bye Tony." It just wasn't impressive at all, considering the people that got cut before the top 20.

I knew the group routine was Shane Sparks before Cat announced it... had that very distinctive Shane hard hitting alternating with soft, organic blowing effects (sort of hard to describe now that I think about it!)

I've discovered more GREAT SYTYCD sources: and Let's Talk SYTYCD. Rickey will repost all the videos the day after... talk about instant gratification!

I have a feeling that Asuka and Jonathan will be next to go, of course, it totally depends on how they evolve in next weeks' routines. Can't wait to watch more!

Monday, June 1, 2009

a new favorite band, The Cliks

My wonderful boyfriend is educating me on the era of rock that I missed growing up... last night he wanted to see The New York Dolls (who I had never heard of) and opening for them was a group called The Cliks. 2 women and a transgender man (lead singer Lucas Silveira) made the best music I've heard in a long time! Don't get me wrong, the New York Dolls were HIGHLY entertaining... but Lucas's vocals in addition to his extreme skill on lead guitar just knocked my socks off! He has such range, unique perspective and has gone through so much to get where he is. You can feel the passion and emotion when he sings, and besides being a really talented singer, this group can ROCK OUT. The drummer was equally amazing throwing in fills and additional beats that could have easily been left out. The melodies take unexpected turns and alternate between sweet and sultry and just hard core. None of the songs are predictable and all have such a unique and tasty flavor, I just can't get enough!

Here are a couple great articles: A Band That Clicks and Cliks Lead Singer Silveira: Welcoming Change (NPR - great interview with Lucas).

I really hope whoever reads this will check them out: