Wednesday, July 25, 2012

weekly words of wisdom from @LamaSuryaDas

It costs so much to be

a full human being
that there are very few
who have the enlightenment or the courage to pay the price.
One has to abandon altogether
the search for security
and reach out to the risk of living
with both arms.
One has to embrace the world like a lover.
One has to accept pain
as a condition of existence.
One has to court doubt and darkness
as the cost of knowing.
One needs a stubborn will in conflict,
but apt always to total acceptance
of every consequence
of living and dying.

Morris West
Australian novelist
1916 - 1999

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My weekend of being Dean from #Supernatural

Two good girl friends (also wacky Supernatural fans like myself) and I set off last weekend to explore some ghost towns of Colorado.  We were clad in our flannel, armed with iron & holy water, salt and whatever else a Supernatural hunter needs... in case.  We tried to play our parts (Dean, Sam & Gabriel) but I found myself always saying "AMATEUR! Stay - in - character" till I just gave that up.  :)  We stayed in a cheap motel like Sam & Dean would, ate at diners and were always on the look-out for pie.  To some aspects of the characters we were true.  I did my research on the various local ghost tales, we talked to as many residents as we could regarding the supernatural in their area.  We found more stories and lore than proof - but what I found was that I could never be Dean.

Of course it didn't help that there were aspects of my femininity reminding me I wasn't a male hunter :)
But even more - WE were there having fun... we were not on a job - as the boys would call it.  If we were, we'd be battered and beaten down, biting at each others' heels, trying to get by another day.

LARPing (Live Action Role Playing for you Muggles who don't know) as Dean Winchester... taught me one important thing.  He rarely ever expresses what is actually on his mind... and when he does, he does cry, but in such a controlled manner, afraid someone will see.  Still trying to be the stoic soldier his dad raised him to be from the age of 4.

When I got home, I was overcome with a desire to break down... not because of anything that happened, but because I had suppressed so much and tried to be the strongest, toughest, bad a$$ around.

So it was an interesting character study ---- but what I'll always take from the trip --- most important are the memories made with friends and the places we explored.

It isn't actually an Impala but I had to do my Eye of the Tiger impersonation just the same.
Because leg guitar is way more epic than air guitar....

Our motel home

Hangin out at just the kind of joint where Dean & Sam would hustle pool

The ghost rumored to haunt Silver Plume Colorado with his eerie violin playing.
Lore has it that his fiance was killed the night before their wedding and all he did after that was drink whiskey and play violin.  The townspeople used to listen to him every night until they heard a gun shot - self inflicted with burial instructions.

A local jail where Dean and Sam where briefly tricked into by Gabriel :)