Monday, August 19, 2013

Yahoooooo? Necessary? #SEO #SocialMedia Please Comment!

So interesting... I went to to get the skinny on getting your website fully indexed in the Yahoo search engine.  I typed "submit your website" into the search box.  Wouldn't you think that one of the top search results in the search would be how to submit your site to Yahoo?

Yeah... no.  NO mention of Yahoo on the first page of results.  Google AdWords, other services, Google webmaster tools, BING.  These results dominated Yahoo's search results.

Is Yahoo trying to be self defeating?  Don't they have programmers working to ensure their web presence?  Yeah, their free email service is still OK, though they always seem to change their format based on Gmail services.  However, Yahoo needs extra ads on their pages to compensate for the revenue they're not generating; which slows down load time and is inconvenient for the user.

Yahoo doesn't have its own social media platform like Google does (which incidentally, yields great search results when you publish a Google+ post).  Oh wait, Yahoo has Flikr.  Do any of you still use that?  I think I may have for a while.  Right, my yahoo photos and info were transitioned to Flikr and I spiffed up my profile and looks like the last time I did anything with it was 16 months ago.  That will most definitely be dust in the wind; just like my MySpace page.  

So let's take a look at Flikr.  OK we can share photos and comment on other photos.  Emphasized on every Yahoo service is integration with Facebook.  Any photo on Flikr can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.  I don't find Flikr to be that user friendly and the design is overwhelming as opposed to the clean style of your Google+ profile which consolidates all its free services in one place.  How many photo services do we have now?  From what I've observed, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr dominate the social media photo sharing world.  Of course I often forget about those and just share photos on Facebook, most especially if they are personal so that friends and family can see.  Some people aren't interested in using Pinterest and most certainly not Flikr.

What online photo sharing service do YOU use?

I'm getting off topic.  What I'm trying to understand is, it seems to me that Yahoo isn't really relevant anymore.  They are still putting up a fight but all I see is a sub-par internet enterprise that rides the coattails of better web services.

I still use a yahoo email address (not my primary email) for some things but that's mostly to stay aware of when their email format changes or tries to improve.

Am I wrong?  Who uses Yahoo as their primary search engine?  According to this recent statistical report, not too many people.

Until Yahoo's search turns into a verb, I don't think Google has much to worry about.  When was the last time you heard someone say, "let me just Yahoo that to find out"?

Please chime in with comments!  I'm very curious.