Monday, February 3, 2014

Your Blog Needs An Image

No, not a mental conception of your overall blog; literally your blog needs an image with each post.

There is a consensus in the social media and marketing expert community that the best way to get attention to a blog post is to have some type of visual along with it.

However, it can be difficult to find an eye-catching image to use for free without violating copyright.

Your other choices are then to create your own images or purchase stock photos. One is time consuming, and the other pricey for a small business or self-employed blogger.

Google Images has been a helpful source for visual search, but it wasn't always clear without some effort to find which images were available for reuse.

There is an option now to refine the search by clicking "Search Tools" after typing in your image name (such as Super Bowl for this example).
Underneath is a drop-down for Usage Rights options, and there you can choose from:
  • labeled for reuse
  • labeled for commercial reuse
  • labeled for reuse with modification
  • labeled for commercial reuse with modification

Of course if you love taking pictures or creating graphics, originals are always the best.

But when you need a quick blog image, this is a fast and easy solution.