Monday, August 27, 2012

Use Google+ for your content yielding better search results

I have to make a formal apology to Google+.  In the previous blog post, I stated my opinion that, other than the "hangouts," Google+ seemed like little more than a simplified Facebook page.

But then this morning, I was curious to know the origins of Labor Day, typed "Labor Day" in the search box and I discovered an article by a dear friend regarding Labor Day getaways and it was the 3rd search result... simply and only because she shared it on Google+.

I don't know about you but that motivates me quite a bit more to utilize Google's social media tool. If you use blogger, it automatically prompts you to share with your circles.  It's nice not to have to set that up in your blog functionality and just have it "happen."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How much social media is too much?

I am trying to make the transition from web designer to more of a marketing / social media role because that has been my passion for a while.  So naturally I use as many social media tools as possible, evaluating their end result and ways to fully utilize them.

Obviously Facebook and Twitter were a given in their massive popularity and YouTube began as a fun experiment for this singin dancin fool.

Then I really wanted to blog about important and fun issues to me but find there's rarely time to spend the quality time I want on it.  I tried to keep regular posts going for a while but now I'm lucky if I post every month or so.

Now there's Pinterest, which seems to be spreading like wildfire - and I enjoy it because I am such a visual person.

Of course I'm an avid, daily user of LinkedIn for the purpose of networking in the job arena and finding that right place of employment.

Then we have Google+ which you can't really ignore since, well it's Google.  I don't use that account too much but what it does seem to have going for it are the "hangouts."  Otherwise it just seems like another Facebook page to me.

And of course I'm on Yelp, Foursquare, Delicious (remember them?) and others I probably have forgotten about.

Now for someone who loves staying on top of technology trends, particularly social media, it's crucial to have a solid understanding of all the biggest and best.  However these change every single day... old platforms die out (Friendster, Tribe, MySpace, just to name a few) and new ones born constantly in the hope of being the next big thing.

Notice how I didn't mention Yahoo yet?  I have a yahoo address and hotmail - just in case they get better.  But I've always thought they were too heavy with advertising and too light on convenient features.

I could literally spend all day researching which company bought what platform, the stats of the current "biggest thing" and by tomorrow it could be totally different.

So my question is, how many social media tools can one person really take advantage of?
What are the tools you could never do without?
What's a time-suck and what's beneficial to your time?

These are somewhat hypothetical - but please weigh in with your opinions if you have them!

Social media isn't going anywhere and I aim to be in-the-know.  Hopefully without losing my mind.  :-)