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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wonder Woman make-up line from MAC

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It's pretty unlikely I'll buy this (you know, tight budget and all that) but I just had to give props to MAC for releasing this new Wonder Woman line of make-up. It would be awesome to see their NYC store as it's currently transformed to look like a Wonder Woman comic.

I'm not a girly girl and am severely fashion impaired but I do wear lots of make-up for bellydance... I'll bet amazon-powered lips and lashes and would be especially exiting for Hips of Fury ;-) The glitter alone could be useful in deflecting unwanted evil...

The mascara pitch has lured in this naive WW fan to believing in amazon lashes: "A superhero mascara! Lashes go dense and dramatic with an anti-gravity high volume curled effect. Longwear, fighting-fit formula offers up to 15 hours of wimp-free wear."

And whoa shiny, they have WW accessories to store all your amazon secret weapons. The bags are said to be bullet-proof. I'd like to see them test that theory.

OK thanks. That was fun.
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