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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

lame lyrics

"so many things i want to tell you, everything i want to share, just gets blogged or tweeted even though those folks don't care. everything that makes me laugh or break out into a smile, fills me with a need to see you even just a little while."

totally corny right? was just a random thought I had a week ago when missing my man.
I dunno my biggest flaw as a musician is my inability to connect melodies I write to genuinely good lyrics. There's definitely an art to writing for songs versus writing poetry or stories. I think it baffles me most because what I consider great lyrics are so painfully simple, yet NOT if you get my point.

I've been trying to pay attention to songs that really move me and pay close attention to the lyrics. The Cliks album Dirty King is a great example (it's not officially released yet but I bought a copy at their concert). Lucas' lyrics are powerful, yet just vague enough that they can be interpreted many ways and therefore have a greater chance of reaching more people. His song Animal Farm I'm guessing is about a certain theme related to his personal experience of being transgender but I'm still not totally certain why the song has that title... does it refer to the book by George Orwell and infer an existence in some type dystopian society founded in pain, suffering and a lack of human rights?

I enjoy songs that make me think... but the words of the lyrics themselves are simple, understated... a fine art for sure.


  1. My rule of thumb: Don't put social networking references into songs. They lose their ability to be timeless that way.

    Other than that, I think we can be our own harshest critics; it's hard to bare yourself through song. It makes you feel very vulnerable and naked. I think what you're doing is quite brave and I say keep it up!

  2. hmm but what about capturing the trends of an era? a lot of songs embrace that.

  3. Yeah, but Twitter? Really? There's so many other more awesome trends.

    For example, what about a song about cheating, "I Aim to Misbehave"?

  4. INTRIGUING! put a little browncoat bluesyness out there... yeah, not to mention a healthy population of the country is anti-twitter. I'm gonna give that song some thought :)

  5. i think "animal farm is about animal cruelty. i just read an interview with lucas where he mentioned this. google the cliks animal farm

  6. thank you whoever you are :) I found this awesome article: