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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Small Change

This was a concept started by a great Colorado lady I follow on Twitter:

The idea is to make one small change each month leading up to earth day in the hope that with each of us doing one more thing to help the earth we will make a positive impact, follow through and encourage others to do the same.

I already recycle and considerably cut down on how many paper towels I use. My next change is to buy more LED / CFL bulbs, turn the thermostat down a little more and purchase a few more canvas bags to keep in the car to ensure I always have some on hand when I run into the store unplanned.

But I'd like to take this small change movement a little bit further. Not only do we need to change our habits in how we treat our earth but I think we also should strive to make an effort in how we treat each other.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's noticed that common courtesy really isn't as common as it used to be. I really try to live by my daily mantra of "breathe in cherish myself, breathe out cherish others." It sounds simple but is truly the biggest test of all.

I want to save our planet but I also want to save our humanity - our concern for each other, our priorities and shift of consciousness.

What if in addition to one small GREEN change each day, we also made one small human change a day? Sometimes all it takes is putting someone else's needs before your own - for a split second say to yourself, instead of indulging my whims, how can I help the person next to me? It can be as simple as opening a door, sharing a laugh or even just a smile. You never know how the smallest gesture can impact someone who has had a really bad day.

So in addition to blogging about trying to change for the greener, I'm also going to try to blog about just being better at being human. Let's make our earth a better place to be, one small change at a time. :)

Who's with me? What will you do?


  1. I am trying to stop using bottled water all together! And I am vowing to pick up at least one piece of litter every day! :)

  2. awesome! there are some changes I'm not ready for... like cloths instead of toilet paper! but there are lots of little things that can be done that will add up :)

  3. This is so awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing this and for posting in on the forum for other's to see! Great great great idea!!

  4. Nielle,
    I am really loving this idea and am definitely down with following suit!

  5. awesome Shannon spread the word! :)