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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

adventures in dance

In searching for one bit of information (I forget what now), I came across a huge belly dance festival here next month hosting, Rachel Brice. (She's only one of the most amazing and mesmerizing bellydancers in the world!) I've never taken a workshop with her but seen her perform a lot - and I'm so excited! The event's called Elevation 2009 and has 3 full days of workshops with many people as well as shows in the evenings.

In addition, I've made friends with a very nice woman who started a new dance studio in my area of town called Studio 21. They have classes for all ages and even adult classes like ballet, hip hop, ballroom, modern and more. She asked me if I'd be interested in teaching a beginning bellydance workshop and I'm thrilled! I've always been a bit skeptical about teaching because I'm hard on myself and never think I'm in good enough shape... but I've been a student of bellydance for over a decade so I think it's about time to try giving back.

And currently I'm taking a class once a week with Suzanna Del Vecchio and really enjoying her perspective and choreography style teaching.

In thinking about teaching, I'm trying to make sure I cover all the basics that I might take for granted... found a great resource to come back to.
Hopefully if I plan in detail, teaching won't be quite so intimidating.

Here's another vocabulary of bellydance that will be helpful for teaching:

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