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Monday, June 29, 2009

10 energy saving tips that restore romance

this comes to you courtesy of :)

1. Take your showers together
2. Save water and feed each other from the same plate, use fingers instead of utensils and lick each others fingers clean…
3. Turn off the lights and enjoy romantic candle light.
4. Spend one night a week laying on a blanket under the stars
5. Save energy and create your own heat…
6. Instead of a drive, go for a walk together ~ hold hands
7. Turn off the tv/computer and read to each other instead - a novel, a mystery, or some juicy erotica…
8. Instead of driving to the gym get your workout in bed
9. Reuse Kama Sutra packaging – Many of our gift sets are pretty enough to be used more than once. Gift boxes can be used to store bathroom supplies, memorabilia (pictures, love letters, etc.) or your favorite romantic essentials.
10. Last, but not least – Please recycle Kama Sutra packaging when possible.

yes, I know this was an ad, but I thought it was very clever. :)
those are green living tips I could actually do!

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  1. those are i think the best energy saving tips i ever heard!