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Friday, June 12, 2009

the first cut is the deepest

well actually not too bad... I'm referring of course to So You Think You Can Dance. I enjoyed Paris' dancing but I agree with the judges that she really didn't "bring it" as much as she could have on her solo.
As soon as Tony started dancing his solo I said, "bye bye Tony." It just wasn't impressive at all, considering the people that got cut before the top 20.

I knew the group routine was Shane Sparks before Cat announced it... had that very distinctive Shane hard hitting alternating with soft, organic blowing effects (sort of hard to describe now that I think about it!)

I've discovered more GREAT SYTYCD sources: and Let's Talk SYTYCD. Rickey will repost all the videos the day after... talk about instant gratification!

I have a feeling that Asuka and Jonathan will be next to go, of course, it totally depends on how they evolve in next weeks' routines. Can't wait to watch more!

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