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Friday, June 19, 2009

I got my results from Mia

Group Dance: “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder

MIA - you are a GODDESS!!! This is all I really watch the results show for.

But as for the elimination results, I was sorry to see Ashley go because I really felt she was put in the bottom by Kupono, who should have left before Max. Max was doing great but I don't think he could have stayed in the competition much longer.

Ade is BLOWING me away in Mia's choreography. I agree that he could be the one to beat.


  1. in related news, Brian Friedman sent me a direct message on Twitter! I had put this tweet out there after the top 18 performance show: "dear costume ppl for #SYTYCD: please don't dress men in S&M / Hammer-Pants outfits (Max) it's far too distracting from @brianfriedman genius"

    and he responded: brianfriedman: hey pumpkin... i dressed max in that outfit not wardrobe... my vision... ;)

    so I really hope I didn't insult him, because his vision is freaking brilliant, I just didn't happen to understand Max's get-up :P

  2. I love your comments. I was disappointed by the Max decision. He may be limited but I felt that both of his numbers were good whereas Kupono stank on Wednesday night. Oh well, I guess more and more of the ones we love will go home. Only one can win. Again love your info and very cool that Brian Friedman tweeted you. Tivo Mom

  3. I blamed the pants too. Coming from an art form that can have some pretty out there costumes I feel for dancers where the costume is distracting.

    As for Mia's dance I am so interested in her inspiration. My husband is a Kiwi and I wondered if she was inspired just by the All Blacks Kiwi Haka or by more traditional Maori dances. Either way I loved it! and have watched it 4 times.

  4. oh you mean because of the designs on their faces in the routine? yeah I wondered about her inspiration as well... who can possibly fathom the minds of Mia, Wade, Brian, etc...