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Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a difference ADE makes!

The general consensus about last night's performance show (SYTYCD) is a bit disappointing. BUTT (:) There were a few shining moments thankfully and voting was much easier for me last night.

First off props to Toni Basil for her lifetime achievement and trail blazing in the world of hip hop, popping and locking. I remember seeing The Lockers on the very first season of SNL (I've been watching them from the beginning) and discovering that the chick that sang the Mickey song was actually very important in the world of dance.

1. Jonathan & Karla butcher a Dave Scott smooth hip hop routine. Nigel said it best, you two didn't even have your head nods together... wtf?? It was sloppy, uninteresting and totally out of sync. I adore Dave Scott and he deserved to see a better version of his dance.

2. Vitolio and Auska take on a rock jazz Mandy Moore routine.
I loved Auska's look and there were moments of excitement, but overall I didn't feel they were together enough, the leaps weren't very high and ended up being kind of underwhelmed.

3. Ade & Melissa RUMBA - thank GOD. Seriously, what a difference Ade makes (and Melissa). This is the couple to beat in my opinion... everything they've danced has been flawless, exciting, passionate and just thrilling. He looked like the reincarnation of a 70s love god and she was exquisite in that awesome dress - but beyond their look the dance was sultry and smokin!

4. Janette & Brandon - Dave Scott hip hop/ rock fusion
I enjoyed this a lot and Brandon was VERY impressive in this style of dance... he really brought a different character to the routine and occasionally I forgot who he was as he was dancing. Thankfully this couple redeemed the night for Dave after the first routine.

5. Kupono & Kayla - Viennese Waltz
I wanted Kupono to be the one to leave last week, so I went into this routine bitter. But I felt that he danced it very well, much more masculine than I expected him to be and Kayla was of course gorgeous, graceful and lovely. Yet, I still didn't vote for them b/c it wasn't that memorable of a routine for me and I figure Kayla will be OK considering how much the judges love her.

6. Evan & Randi - Mia Michaels hypnotizing butt routine :)
that's a terrible way to remember that routine (and there is a BUTT) because it was beautifully danced by these two. I LOVE that long, slow backbend they did and how committed they were to Mia's vision. FINALLY a really memorable number of the night and Randi and Evan performed more to their ability. These two were right up there with Melissa and Ade last night.

7. Caitlin & Jason - Paso Doble
I loved their costumes but that was about it. They both looked like they should have been doing a bellydance number instead of Paso Doble, which wouldn't that be awesome??? I felt like they didn't connect to each other at all during this routine and they were so focused on making it aggressive that there wasn't genuine passion behind it. I'm a little disappointed with these two because they have so much potential.

8. Janine & Phillip - Tyce Diorio Broadway
I LOVED this routine before they even started dancing - from the instant they started they were very animated, in character and energetic. I didn't agree with the judges about Phillip, I thought he really shined in this number (despite ripping his pants :) and Janine is very good at taking on roles in the dance, taking her ego out of the routine and becoming the character for the choreographer. And way to go on that couch jump wow!

So the couples I predict will be in the bottom: Jonathan & Karla, Vitolio & Auska, Caitlin & Jason and possibly Kupono and Kayla. Even though Kupono and Kayla danced the waltz well, it's not the kind of number that will get people to call in. We shall see tonight!

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