Thursday, July 2, 2009

where else can you watch classical ballet and alien jazz on the same night?

Where else but So You Think You Can Dance?
At the show's opening, the brief solo intros that excite me: Ade! Melissa! Kayla! Phillip! These dancers take my breath away.

1. Janette and Brandon - Cha Cha
I do love these two, but what I don't love is all the faces Janette makes when she dances and I'm a little surprised the judges haven't mentioned it. She needs to keep her mouth closed a little more, but other than that I LOVED it. They are always high energy and explosive when they get out on stage. It was sweet to see Brandon teary over Mia's compliments after her initial reaction and dislike of Brandon (that no one ever understood).

2. Kayla and Kupono - Jazz with SONYA <3

Who better for Sonya's choreography than Kayla? This girl is my favorite next to Melissa. She's so good that I don't vote for her because I think Kupono needs to be the next guy to go home, though he is working VERY hard to match Kayla's brilliance but my eye always goes to her in every dance. I really love Sonya's unique choreography and watching Kayla dance it is a treat.

3. Randi and Evan - Broadway with Joey Dowling
They did a version of Bob Fosse's choreography from my FAVORITE number of Sweet Charity. I should have loved it. I didn't. Evan was good but that was to be expected since this is really his style. Randi fell short but I know she tried. Her arms were just not right - she didn't have the fluid arms needed for this number - it's really the focal point. Did anyone suggest to Randi to watch Sweet Charity before her performance? It's really hard to portray choreography this famous and I was left disappointed.

4. Jason & Caitlin, Jazz with Brian Friedman
I love Brian Friedman - I love the way the warped minds of the choreographers on the show work. Caitlin is to play an alien woman come to earth to procreate with the last man left alive, Jason. Her costume was FUN with spikes looking like a space age dinosaur, but I just don't feel she acts the part well. She is an awesome dancer, but she can't take the role given and make it her own. The dancing was enjoyable and fun, but still left wanting more from Caitlin. She was a bit too sweet to play a conquering alien. Jason danced it well, unfortunately for him the eyes were on the girl in the crazy costume.

5. Janine & Phillip - Hip Hop with NappyTabs (Tabitha & Napolean)
At this point I started thinking, are they still drawing out of a hat or giving people their own styles tonight? Of course Phillip is going to be brilliant in hip hop and Janine was great too. Couple CHAINED together. I agree with Mia that I was a bit distracted by the chain, hoping it wouldn't trip them and forgot to enjoy the dance at times, but it was a great routine and they danced it awesomely.

6. MELISSA & ADE - classical Pas de deux to the song Romeo & Juliet: Provofiev’s Suite. YES! Finally! AWESOME! WHO ELSE on this show could have done this routine? Possibly Kayla and Brandon, but thank God it went to the naughty ballerina and the beautiful Ade. They were perfect and it's so exciting that classical ballet has made its way to prime time. Mia brought up loving that it's a black and white Romeo and Juliet and I'll admit that contrast is quite lovely and their characters were believable and GORGEOUS. Can you imagine if Phillip had to dance Pas de deux?? No me neither and thank goodness he didn't have to.

7. Vitolio & Karla - Quick Step with Jean Marc
I haven't been Vitolio's biggest fan, but I picked up the phone for him and Karla last night. This number was really creative, starting off in a museum and Vitolio as an elegant gentleman statue in tails that comes to life. From the get go I giggled and loved this routine. He surprises Karla and her character was so entertaining. SHE ACTED as well as danced and I really don't think she got any credit for that from the judges. She transformed into a reversible dress and suddenly became a postured, ballroom goddess. They both really impressed me with a fun, lively routine.

Tonight I predict Jason & Caitlin, Randi & Evan will definitely be in the bottom. Vitolio and Karla might too, but I hope not. The judges didn't give Karla much positive feedback and I think she's a chameleon - slipping effortlessly into each style.

So does anyone know if they are still drawing from a hat?? Because if so, Phillip, Evan, Melissa all got REALLY lucky. Right?

The big announcement was that on July 23rd, the 100th episode, Katie Holmes will guest star dancing and (singing too?) in a tribute to Judy Garland. Hmm OK. :) whatever

Little spiel about the Dizzy Feet Foundation which Nigel started in an effort to bring the arts to underprivileged kids who show real promise. This is awesome - Debbie Allen made a good point in that the arts are ALWAYS what gets cut in schools, which to me is horrible. I really on excel in the arts and it wasn't until I discovered my gifts that I found my niche in life and the people important to me. I think it's great that Nigel is doing this.

For links to all the songs used in last night's performance show go to:

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