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Friday, September 4, 2009

TGIF & a long weekend!

as I impatiently wait for this last hour to pass before hitting the road to Jazz Aspen Snowmass with Colleen, I thought I'd share a quote I got via email:

04 September 2009

In the general sense, "faith" means to establish one's awareness of true self—to realize that the infinite dignity of the universe and the nature of one's life are the same; to recognize that indestructible happiness exists right here and now within oneself. In this light, faith means to cherish and develop the potential of one's own precious life.

~Taro Gold

hmmm I'd never thought of faith in those terms before.

reminds me of Shepherd Book telling Mal to believe ~ he didn't care in what. (if you don't know wtf I'm talking about, GO WATCH FIREFLY and then SERENITY).

ok that's about as deep as I go today. In other news, some evil demon brought us massive quantities of delicious cookies, brownies and candies and I've proceeded to make myself sick. :P

but all will feel better as soon as that show starts tonight! :) Here's hoping traffic allows us to get there by the time Michael Franti goes on at 8.

Peace ~ have a wonderful, LONG weekend!

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