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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Attn dance teachers & dancewear vendors

I've decided I want to monetize my blog but I want to choose who I advertise on my site.

So I'm going to start right now advertising my favorite new bellydance magazine based out of Sedona, AZ: Shimmy in the Spirit of Bellydance. Holly Luky has created a wonderful, positive forum for sharing the love of the dance and fostering a spirit of COMMUNITY not competition.

The articles range from fitness, to positive body image, to dance styles and techniques and so much more. I'm in the process of writing an article for submission that I will end up sharing here as well related to do's and don'ts of performance and defining your dance style.

I'd also like to advertise costume and dancewear vendors since let's face it, we need something to dance in! I really enjoy Dance Distributors for general dancewear and have a large number of bellydance vendor links on my website

So if you are a dance teacher, performer or vendor, please contact me if you would like free advertisement on my blog. I believe in the power of networking between those who share a deep love of the arts.

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