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Friday, January 29, 2010

Prayer for Ten Accomplishments

By Lama Surya Das (reposted from the Dzogchen Center Newsletter)

May we realize true sincerity and integrity,
Inner purity of mind,
Dispassionate equanimity towards all we see,
Right understanding of this dreamlike world
and the next,
Loving compassion towards others and the
genuine intention to be helpful
In alleviating suffering and confusion.
May we directly perceive the truths of
impermanence, mortality and
Relinquish wandering thoughts and rampant
Accomplish freedom of mind and clarity of
Remember with gratitude those who have
gone before
And shown the way,
And vow to reach together full and complete

This prayer was written by the wandering hermit
Surya Das at Pao Lin Monastery atop the Buddha
Mountain on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, after
reading an ancient collection of Chinese prayers to
Amitabha Buddha. September 1975

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