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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hips of Fury #bellydance Alter Ego ~ ELOE

My alter ego in the group of awesome friends I call the Johnny Snows, is known as Hips of Fury (naturally, since I'm a bellydancer).

(Side note to the potentially confused - Johnny Snow is a reference from Dr. Horrible which is an awesome story we all adore. We are the Snows b/c we ski in CO. Dr. Horrible is plotting to be an evil mastermind in the ELOE, Evil League of Evil. Our group hasn't determined yet if we are good or evil ;-) )

The Johnny Snows are a creative group and Colleen has decided to write a script for a video so we can really have fun with the character names we made up at our holiday party. I already enjoy writing, so I quickly came up with a fictitious character:

Hips of Fury – Alise Ardent

(Ardent is a play on words being a synonym for passionate)

Good or Bad? – Ambiguous / Struggles with it / Helps women, sometimes enjoys punishing men

Powers – shimmies that create weather patterns & sonic booms, has power of hypnosis with slow movements and can coerce the truth from hypnotized victims

Once meek and mousy, embraced alter-ego after discovering bellydance - instantly took to the movements and surprisingly caused a tornado with passionate shimmies.

Has a love/hate relationship with men and occasionally chooses to punish men who have wronged women (as one who suffered much at the hands of men).

Most days she is optimistic and chooses to use her powers for good.

Good deed – distracted and hypnotized a gang about to hurt a woman and helped the woman escape. With her powers of hypnosis Hips of Fury convinced the gang to join a Buddhist monastery.

Evil deed – after being too late to help a woman from being beaten to death by her boyfriend, Hips sweeps him up in a tornado of anger and hurls him against a mountain.

Yes, I realize I'm a hard-core geek. BA in English comin in handy now. :P

But hey, I'm getting ideas of grandeur now... I'm thinking up logo ideas and it could have comic book potential. Don't ya think? Wouldn't a belly-dancing super heroine be the bomb? Ya ya!


  1. "Fury" reference to: Furies, Classical Mythology. minor female divinities: the daughters of Gaea who punished crimes at the instigation of the victims: known to the Greeks as the Erinyes or Eumenides and to the Romans as the Furiae or Dirae. Originally there were an indefinite number, but were later restricted to Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone.

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  3. Update from this - I do have a logo that a friend designed on @HipsOfFury twitter, and using the above character development, still have hopes for one day doing a comic book!