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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the nature of online dating prompted by @mashable article

An article from Mashable related to OKCupid poses the question, is OK Cupid shallow because they match people by attractiveness?

The answer is yes - but all online dating is shallow, it can't help but be that way. Sure there are measures designed to match us differently but let's face it, if we're not attracted to the face in the picture we don't really care that we're 100% match do we? How often are we even willing to give a person a chance if we don't find their picture attractive?

I was especially guilty of being shallow and hypocritical online more so than I ever would in real life... face to face.

Online dating is SO difficult... you have to sort through jerks, random dumb-assery, and be able to separate them from the people who simply don't come across well online. Because we all have different mediums we prefer. Some people are phone people, I like email... some people's personalities can't express all their nuances through email, however and I was usually quick to judge a person based on that trait...

Online dating can and has worked for many people. I'd say I gave it a fair shot - (let's see, how many years and how many sites??? Match, E-Harmony, OKCupid, PlentyofFish, Yahoo personals... for SEVERAL years).

But there are a lot of great people out there in the world who would never dream of setting up a dating profile online - and they are still out there, waiting to meet people who won't judge them from one photo and a perhaps-not-so-snappy-tagline.

People we might have overlooked because maybe they were a few extra pounds or used "their" instead of "there" in an email... How many people did I just toss out as possibilities for trivial reasons like that?

As far as dating sites go, I think I liked OK Cupid best... free, lots of extra features, iPhone app, etc...

But I'm done with that - I'll take my dating offline now thanks ;-)

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