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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

dream experimentation

with all the talk around the movie Inception right now (which I hope to try to see very soon), I came across this HuffPost about sleep facts.

I dream very vividly a lot of the time and one dream in particular was the catalyst to start writing a story that I'm about 12 chapters into. But I've hit a plateau with the writing even though I have the basic plot points outlined for the rest of it. Another creative dream could really be inspiring and motivating. So when I read this article, particularly this point below, it got me thinking I might try some experimentation:

What can you do with your dreams?

Plenty -- you can pre-dream. Try this:

1. Write down an old, favorite dream or experience in three to four sentences.

2. Add two sentences that remake that dream's plot you the way you want.

3. Visualize the new dream three to four times a day a minute each time.

4. When you wake, record your dreams.

I find it fascinating how my old dreams have morphed into new dreams with the new experiences and information I've accumulated. Have you ever woken in the morning fresh from a dream that's an amalgamation of very old and very new experiences to form a giant WTF question mark over your head?

The brain is a fascinating thing - and who knows, maybe I can get it to work for me while I'm sleeping... ;-)

Do you dream? Ever tried lucid dreaming or other dream experiments?

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