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Monday, October 18, 2010

openheartedness:: excerpt from @spiver's newsletter

Susan Piver is an author I REALLY enjoy - her books, blog, newsletter, etc. feel less like a spiritual teacher lecturing and more like a friend providing extremely insightful advice.

Here is some info that spoke to me (especially the part about crying a lot - made me feel better about myself; that I'm simply open-hearted, not an emotional freak):

The 7 Signs of Openheartedness*

- You see the sadness. You cry a lot and it’s kind of OK.

- You see the humor. You laugh a lot. You know how and when to make others laugh without pissing them off, even when the matter at hand is quite serious.

- The sorrow of other people touches you. So does their joy.

- Inspiration knows how to find you and you are not a stranger to enthusiasm.

- You are polite to everyone yet are not a doormat.

- You feel what you feel without shame (“I suck”) or aggression (“I deserve to feel this”).

- You reek of genuine genuineness. (As opposed to the staged variety.)

*The number 7 is arbitrary--feel free to add to this list.

Opening your heart changes the world.


  1. Dig it sister. Sounds like YOU!

  2. sounds a lot like you too big brother :) ~hugs~