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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Getty Images Cracking Down. Bloggers Read!

In a previous blog post, I stated that each entry should have a compelling image to catch attention.


However, I suggested using Google Image search and filtering the results by "labeled for reuse."  Technically speaking, this should have been a quick solution when needing images on the fly.

You can usually tell if an image is copyrighted.

HOWEVER, this isn't always the case as I found out the hard way after receiving a fine for using a Getty image (unknowingly). Obviously I had not paid for the licensed image, so as a result, I was charged a 470$ fine.


In retrospect, I know I was taking the lazy approach.  But when you need to do one or two blog posts a day, it can be tough to find a relevant image for each of them.

So let me provide a great link with a collection of MANY free image sites (and this post will act as a bookmark for myself as well)

53+ Free Image Sources For Your Blog and Social Media Posts

And remember, just because an image says "Royalty Free," does not mean it's free.  But hopefully a blogger knows that.

And hopefully, you'll never make the blunder I made!


12 Million Historic Rights Free Images Coming to the Internet

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