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Friday, August 8, 2014

Which #Marketing Guru Do You Listen To?

There are A LOT of self-named "gurus" of social media on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. (Take your pick.)  Let me say first off, I think calling yourself a guru is a wee bit narcissistic... But technically it's a LEADER in the field. If you're a leader in the field, your Twitter followers should have a "K" behind the number.

If you're trying to make it as a marketing and/or social media professional, like me, you will read everything you possibly can on strategies, content, tone, branding, which platform to use...

Not everyone can be right. And you know what? There is no right! There are only ideas, floating around like code bits in the matrix.

Here is my ever-growing and changing Twitter list of Marketing and Social Media folks I follow.  I read what they have to say... Some of it I've heard before, some I disagree with, some of it I've tried and implement, and some advice is a little golden treasure I had not discovered.

Each social media and marketing strategy has some value for everyone, but they will vary based on the target audience and the goal of what you're marketing.

I differ on my online presence approach because I'm extremely eclectic and refuse to be "branded" in just one category.  But that is me as an individual - not a company presence. Totally different.

My advice:

1. INTERACT with folks on social media - don't just blast content.
I make real-life friends from Twitter all the time.

2. Take everything "experts" say with a grain of salt

That being said....
3. EXPERIMENT with the strategies the experts suggest

4. Pay attention to your successful competition and how they are doing it right

5. Read, read, read - These trends change daily!

Happy networking!

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