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Thursday, May 21, 2009

the return of my favorite show

It's time for So You Think You Can Dance to come back tonight! Of course we have to endure the auditions which can be entertaining too... but it really starts to cook by the top 20. I'm never satisfied with Dancing with the Stars, never even watch that show except to catch what's left before Castle came on. It was too cheesy for me, and ballroom can be thrilling, if it's on SYTYCD :)

I really wish (and I have emailed this wish to Fox many times) that So You Think You Can Dance would come out on DVD, if not the whole seasons then at LEAST the top 20 or highlights from the season.

But since they don't, we'll have to settle for watching them online at great sites like this:

All aboard the hot tamale train! whooooooo hooo!


  1. Hey! @Calabash11 here. You're so right - SYTYCD is the BEST competition show on tv. It has far more integrity & heart than all the other shows, and a far higher calibre of performers. Just amazing every week.

  2. except I got really pissed at Nijel last night for the comments he made to the couple of male ballroom dancers. I'll admit it was a bit odd, but Nijel's jokes were really inappropriate... comparing them to Blades of Glory?? But I cry when Mary cries, and scream when she does :) Most of the time that show makes me insanely happy!